Calculator Planning Tools

Whether you are building for today or for the future, you need the right tools.  These calculators are designed to help you plan and execute your strategy.   

Savings Goal

What will it take to help reach your savings goals? This financial calculator helps you find out. Enter in your savings plan and view graphically your financial results. Click the report button to get more information about your plan, and what you can do to make sure that it is on track.

Home Budget

Managing your monthly budget can be difficult and frustrating. One of the most important aspects of controlling your budget is to determine where your money is going. This calculator helps you do just that. By entering your income and monthly expenditures, you can see how much you have left to save and where your money is being spent. In addition, you can view a report to see your entry results in detail, which can help identify areas for improvement.

Business Cash Flow

Having adequate cash flow is essential to keep your business running.  The cash flow calculator will help you determine the cash flow generated by your business.

ARM Versus Fixed Rate Mortgage

Use this calculator to compare a fixed rate mortgage to a fully amortizing adjustable rate mortgage.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage

This calculator helps you determine what your adjustable mortgage payments will be.

Amortizing Loan

Enter your desired payment - and let us calculate your loan amount.  Or, enter in the loan amount and we will calculate your monthly payment.

Retirement Planning

Do you know what it takes to work towards a secure retirement? Use this calculator to help you create your retirement plan. View your retirement savings balance and your withdrawals for each year until the end of your retirement. Social Security is calculated on a sliding scale based on your income. Including a non-working spouse in your plan increases your Social Security benefits up to, but not over, the maximum.

Your Net Worth

Your net worth is the value of all of your assets, minus the total of all of your liabilities. Put another way, it is what you own minus what you owe. If you owe more than you own, you have a negative net worth. If you own more than you owe you will have a positive net worth. This calculator helps you determine your net worth and estimates how it could grow (or shrink) over the next ten years.

Investment Questionnaire

This questionnaire is designed to help you create a balanced portfolio of the three basic investment classes; cash, fixed income and equities.

Life Insurance

Find out how much life insurance you really need.

Certificate of Deposit

Use this calculator to find out how much interest you can earn on a Certificate of Deposit (CD). Just enter a few pieces of information and we will calculate your annual percentage yield (APY) and ending balance. Click on the "View Report" button to see a detailed schedule of your CDs balance and interest earned.

Investment Savings & Distribution

See how long your investment savings can last once you begin taking distributions.

Commercial Loan

Estimate your debt service coverage with a new loan.  if your debt service coverage is high enough, including your new loan payment, you have a better chance of being approved.

Investment Property

An investment property is an excellent investment.  Use the investment property calculator to examine the potential return you might receive from an investment property.

Financial Ratios 

This calculator helps you zero in on areas of your business that may need attention including solvency, liquidity, operational efficiency and profitability.

Investment Comparison

This calculator is designed to help you compare a normal taxable investment, as tax deferred investment, and a tax-free investment.

Calculator Disclaimer

The Calculator Planning Tools are provided to you for illustrative purposes and are not guaranteed or intended to provide advice. The calculations you perform are based on the information you enter and should be used only as guidelines. The calculations do not represent terms or interest rates available from First Bank or whether you qualify for an account or loan. For more information please see our full Terms of Use or Contact Us if you have questions.